Irving Farm 

Director of Education

What is the Great American Coffee Tour?

The Great American Coffee Tour is my story of a summer road trip across America using the coffee community as a guide. Over the next months I’ll be traveling by way of pickup truck meeting folks from all corners of the specialty coffee industry: roasters, baristas, importers, and more. I’ll be learning what they do differently, how they ended up here, what they’re excited about and writing about it along the way. This project exists to help the average consumer understand that there’s a whole world of coffee people out there that they never knew existed. People who are welcome, gracious, passionate and wildly fun. I hope you enjoy following along!


A graduate of Johnson & Wales College of Culinary Arts, Josh started working in kitchens when he was 14 years old. Working his way up from dishwasher he has worked the line in fine dining restaurants, instructed classes for the public at a culinary school and spent time in a few kitchens a cross Ireland. Through a series of unplanned events he found himself obsessed with specialty coffee in its community.

He took time away from school to form an internship with Joe NYC and eventually even convincing Johnson & Wales to sponsor him for a barista competition. He's been working in coffee all over the northeast for the last four years as a barista, sales rep, trainer, and a seasoned barista competitor

(because that’s a real thing. Think Olympics, but with lattes. Yep… super weird.) But hey, it works. On his 25th birthday Josh resigned from his post at Irving Farm to embark on a new adventure: the Great American Coffee Tour.  

You can still find him keeping his kitchen and back of house managing skill sharp when he serves as the production manager for Spring Street Social Society, a social/dinner club that brings people together in unexpected places. Or cooking for his crew of Renegade Hook and Ladder 254 where he serves as the resident fire house chef when not responding to alarms. We do eat more than just Chili...