Bard Coffee | Portland, ME

The first stop that I had the chance to hop behind the counter at Bard Coffee, Portland. Their single shop has only been open for just over a year and sits in the heart of Portland about three blocks up from the busting historic water front. The way I got in contact with the folks here's pretty cool. For the last two years at barista competition the store manager Britany and their head of quality control, Kerry sat as judges on my sensory panel. (More on barista competition at a later time). Their shop's beautiful and spacious. Bard Roast their own while teaming with the roastery of Wicked Joe, a Manie based an all organic/fair trade company that's been around for decades. At the shop the menu is focused and simple. They offer pour overs on a dedicated bar, dial in shots on a brand new Simoelli Black Eagle with gravamertic technology and team with the folks of at Resurgam who ensure a zero food waste program. They compost food scraps, coffee grounds and use Greenware products so that all items eventually find their way into the soil of Southern Maine.