Tandem Coffee Roasters | Portland, ME

In 2012 Will and Kathleen founded tandem coffee roasters. Both beginning their coffee careers at Blue Bottle in Brooklyn they then spent time traveling and working in Boston, Martha's Vineyard, and San Francisco. They finally decided to moved to portland together with the dream of starting something on their own. With a bit of luck they stumbled upon a beautiful little brick building on the east bayside neighborhood of Portland and the last few years has been full of success, growth and building community. 

I had the chance to hang with the roasting crew for a few hours on a Friday morning, jumping right in by labeling/sealing bags. They're roasting now nearly five days a week are are quickly out growing their current original space. They have a thriving wholesale business that you can see popping up in shops around the North East and more commonly across the country. 

After only new years tandem opened their west end location, in a former gas station and most recently laundry mat from the 1960's that they had be eyeing for years. There they teamed up with a local baker, Birana Holt and have a wildly delicious assortment of pastries, breakfast items, pie and probably the best biscuit I've ever eaten. Tandem adds so much to the already incredible and ever improving Portland food scene. They are an absolute must stop if you're passing through!