The Great American Coffee Tour

Welcome to The Great American Coffee Tour. My name is Josh and this is my story of a coffee fueled road trip across America.

Like many others in the industry I didn’t picture myself ending up here. I’ve worked in restaurants since fourteen, did the culinary school thing and imagined that I’d be in a kitchen environment for the rest of my life, but then coffee happened.

A few years ago my college roommate became obsessed with the stuff and not exactly by choice, it began to wear off on me. (We shared a room in college and he would obnoxiously grind coffee next to my head before class at 5am..) After a few months of hostility I finally started to appreciate what he was doing. The time, effort and numerous brewing methods he used to produce a product that formally, I had never thought anything of. Fast forward some time- I took a semester off of school, became Joe Coffee NYC’s first intern and I’ve been immersed the specialty coffee community ever since.

Like so many others I found the opportunities to learn, the people and the constant challenges fascinating and couldn't help but become obsessed. I’ve worked at numerous places around New York City up through New England and more- artisanal cafes, some shops straight out of the 90’s and even a coffee truck that I would whip around Providence for alittle while, but still there's so, so much more to learn. The industry isn't just limited to what you see in your corner coffee shop, a wildly complicated supply chain spanning continents brings a product halfway around the world so you can enjoy it every morning without even thinking about it. I'd like to tell these stories and highlight the individuals that make it all happen.

Over the next months I’ll be traveling by way of pickup truck across the country, meeting folks from all corners of the industry: roasters, baristas, importers, and more. I’ll be learning what they do differently, how they ended up here and learn what they’re excited about. 

This project exists to help average folks understand that there’s a whole coffee community out there that they never knew existed. People who are welcoming, gracious, passionate about their craft and wildly fun. I hope you enjoy following along and maybe see you along the way!

- Josh